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Filing a Complaint

Frequently Asked Questions about Filing a Proposed Complaint

How do I file a complaint with a Medical Review Panel?
A copy of the proposed complaint (form MRP-02) must be filed with the Medical Review Panel Branch via hand delivery or certified or registered mail. A proposed complaint is considered to be filed when a copy is received by the Cabinet with the required filing fee. If an insufficient filing fee is submitted or the filing is incomplete, the proposed/amended complaint will not be considered filed until the date the appropriate fees are received.

What is the filing fee? How do I pay it?
A filing fee of $125 per complaint plus $12 mailing fee per complaint defendant must accompany each proposed complaint. Please make check or money order payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer.  Mail check and complaint to:

Medical Review Panel Branch
Division of Administrative Hearings
105 Sea Hero Road, Suite 2
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Should I include supporting documents with the complaint?
No. Do not send medical records with your complaint. Medical records received by the Cabinet will be returned or destroyed.  After a panel is established, the chair will direct the filing of a submission, which should contain supporting documents and be sent directly to the chair.
For information or assistance please contact the Medical Review Panels Branch.

Do I need to file my complaint with the circuit court, too?
No.  Filing of a proposed complaint tolls the applicable statute of limitations until issuance of the opinion of the medical review panel. If the medical review panel does not issue its opinion within nine months of the date the proposed complaint is filed with the Cabinet, the claimant may proceed to circuit court without an opinion.

Do I need to send anything to the defendant(s)?
No, the Cabinet will forward a copy of the proposed complaint to each health care provider named as a defendant.