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Statutes and Regulations

MRP Statutes and Regulations
KRS 216C.005 Purpose of chapter
KRS 216C.010 Definitions for chapter
KRS 216C.020 Review by medical review panel required for all malpractice and malpractice-related claims- Exceptions- Timing
KRS 216C.030 Parties may agree to not submit malpractice or malpractice-related claim to medical review panel
KRS 216C.040 Tolling of statute of limitations- When complaint considered filed- Filing fee
KRS 216C.050 Service of copy of complaint- When service is complete
KRS 216C.060 Composition of medical review panels- Expediting of review of proposed complaint- Time allowed for presentation of evidence
KRS 216C.070 Selection of chairperson of medical review panel
KRS 216C.080 Health care providers eligible for medical review panel selection
KRS 216C.090 Selection of non-attorney members of medical review panel
KRS 216C.100 Challenges of selection of member of medical review panel
KRS 216C.110 Notice to cabinet of medical review panel membership
KRS 216C.120 Relief from serving as member of medical review panel- Conditions- Procedure
KRS 216C.130 Sanctions for failing to act as required
KRS 216C.140 Removal and replacement of panel chairperson
KRS 216C.150 Removal and replacement of panel member
KRS 216C.160 Submission of evidence to medical review panel
KRS 216C.170 Restrictions on ex parte communication with panel member- Panel's right to all necessary and relevant information
KRS 216C.180 Opinion of medical review panel after submission of all evidence- Conclusion to be reached by majority of voting panel members- Effect of opinion
KRS 216C.190 When panel's delay in rendering opinion permits filing complaint in court- Explanation of delay
KRS 216C.200 Admission of panel's opinion into evidence in court
KRS 216C.210 Immunity from civil liability for panel member for actions taken within course and scope of required duties
KRS 216C.220 Compensation of panel chairperson and members
KRS 216C.230 Submission of panel's report
KRS 216C.240 Court's jurisdiction to compel or limit discovery, enforce or quash subpoenas, and apply sanctions
KRS 216C.250 Party to medical review panel's proceeding may invoke court's jurisdiction and file complaint and motion with court clerk
KRS 216C.260 Filing and service of written response to motion filed with court
KRS 216C.270 Filing of motion and proposed complaint with court clerk temporarily stays medical review panel's proceedings
KRS 216C.280 Court's enforcement of ruling on motion filed, subject to right of appeal
Regulation 900 KAR 11:010